Essential information

  • Safety rating: 10/10
  • Pickpocketing rating: 8:10
  • Internet connection: 10/10
  • Level of English: 10/10
  • Payment cards acceptance: 9/10
  • Healthcare: 9/10

Latest updates

Nov 7th, 2021:

  • Travel ban is lifted for tourists from selected countries who are vaccinated against COVID-19.

Essential information

Requirements to visit:

  • Valid passport 
  • Email to receive document
  • Credit/Debit card


  • Validity: 180 days

  • Multi-entry: No

Latest updates

No updates are currently available

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Visa exemption:

European Union European Union countries 











 Costa Rica

 Hong Kong








 Marshall Islands



 New Zealand






 San Marino


 South Korea


 Trinidad and Tobago

 United Arab Emirates

 United Kingdom

 United States


  Vatican City

Arrival process

Before you travel

1. Be sure to have passport valid for at least 6 more months since planned entry
2. Check travel authorization requirements
3. Have medical travel insurance
4. Check your department of foreign affairs for safety and travel limitations
5. Have accomodation booked at least for first few nights. You might be asked for a proof.
6. No matter the possibilities to pay by a card. Always have some cash available.

Upon arrival

1. When arriving, you will have to pass the immigration officer and provide them with required documents. This process might take up to one hour or more so when booking a transfer to your hotel or next flight, consider this.
2. You may be asked to provide arrival card/disembarking form or health form.
3. If you need to buy a local SIM card or exchange your money, we alwayys recommend doing so in the city rather than airport as costs are usually much better there.

During your stay

1. Have by your hand a tourist guide or dictionary with the most common phrases.
2. Do not bring your original passport with you when going out but only the photocopy. To reducy risk of loss or theft.
3. We highly recommend purhcasing local SIM card with internet connection to be able to reach for help and to navigate easier.
4. Use ride hailing services like Uber, Lift or Cabify when possible instead of taxi from the street. Your routes will be tracked in case of any problems.

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